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Hydra Cream - Travel Size

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Made in Korea

Get ready for hydration like never before! Our Hydra Cream Mist is the ultimate treat-yourself moment for your skin – think of it as a daily spa day in a bottle!

This double-layer cream is packed with all the good stuff: a heavenly blend of plant-based oils and rosewater for an extra dose of moisture that'll have your skin feeling plump and oh-so-touchable. And let's not forget about the magic of Squalene and Ceramide NP – they're like your skin's personal bodyguards, keeping dryness and irritation at bay while giving you that firm, bouncy look you love. Plus, with Provence rose flower extract and Damask Rose water, your skin will be positively glowing with youthful radiance!


  • Supercharged Hydration: Get ready to quench your skin's thirst with our magical blend of oils and rosewater!
  • Firm and Fabulous: Say goodbye to dryness and hello to firmer, more supple skin, courtesy of Squalene and Ceramide NP.
  • Radiant Glow: Let Provence Rose Flower Extract and Damask Rose Water work their glow-up magic, leaving you looking fresh and fabulous!

Note: Our Hydra Cream Mist contains Sweet Almond Oil and Macadamia Nut Seed Oil.

This product is a Travel Size: 30 ml / 1.01 fl oz

  1. Shake Shake Shake: Give your Hydra Cream Mist a little shake-a-shake to blend those dreamy cream and rosewater layers into a magical potion.
  2. Spritz and Shine: Spritz that delightful mist all over, letting the hydrating vibes sink in and work their wonders.

Use as a moisturizer or use throughout the day as a glow refresher!